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Grasshopper is published in English!

Grasshopper is published in English!

01.03.2021 17:24:00
The Grand Prix winner 2018 of Samokat’s contest for the best book projects (the Book Inside) – Grasshopper – is published in English! We are very happy to receive the complimentary copy from Greystone Books. This Canadian edition has a cover which differs from the Russian original. There is a jacket and a faschinating hardcover! We love it a lot!

The silent book Grasshopper is a truthful and striking story that can happen to any child. It teaches empathy, responsibility and respect to nature, to another creature’s life.

Grasshopper is twice selected by dPICTUS curators for the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks exhibition in Frankfurt and Bologna in 2019 and 2020.

Rights sold to the English language.
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